Arena of Saiyan : Dream Squad




All the Dragon Ball characters in one game


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Arena of Saiyan : Dream Squad is an RPG where you can recruit dozens of characters from the Dragon Ball universe. With them you can create a group of up to six warriors and face some of the best-known enemies of Son Goku and company.

Among the characters you can add to your group are Son Goku himself, as well as Vegeta, Bulma, Freezer (in several different transformations) Yamcha, and Son Gohan. Plus, as you'd expect, all the saiyans can evolve into more powerful versions.

The battle system in Arena of Saiyan : Dream Squad is semi-automatic. Your characters automatically attack your nearest enemies, but you can activate their special skills at any time. These skills depend on the level of each character and obviously can also be upgraded.

Between battles you can upgrade your characters with tons of different objects. Though it sounds strange, you can give a shotgun, some sunglasses, and a hat to Son Goku. And as you move ahead and get better equipment, you'll have access to even more powerful items.

Arena of Saiyan : Dream Squad is a highly entertaining RPG that Dragon Ball fans should love, what with the stunning number of characters from both the classic sagas and Dragon Ball Super.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

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